The Righteous Path to CX Outcomes

“That’s why we hired you!” The executive from the now defunct automotive brand was clearly agitated and I wasn’t helping things. “If our scores don’t go up, why would we continue to do business with you?” he bellowed, turning a worrisome shade of red. A fair... View Article

November 9, 2015 By: Dave Fish

Social Media: Ready… Fire… Aim

As companies begin to embrace social media, many are using a ‘ready, fire, aim” approach. Companies should first create clear policies and determine if and how they will respond and what they intend to do with the feedback data.

June 15, 2010 By: Jeff Olsen

Complimentary Webinar Oct. 29: Customer Service in the Age of the Customer

How do customer service execs strike the right balance of cost and quality in the new age of the customer? This is one of the questions addressed in the complimentary webinar Customer Service in the Age of the Customer: The Secret to Balancing Cost and Customer Experience” on Monday, October 29, 2012, at 12 p.m. CDT (10 a.m. ET). The webinar is sponsored by the American Marketing Association (AMA).

October 25, 2012 By: Chris Cottle

They’re All Mobile Surveys Now

Like mobile in general, mobile surveys have gotten major ink lately. Rightly so. They provide a lot of value. They help us reach target audiences at more contextually relevant times and in more contextually relevant places. They also help us collect feedback about increasingly important mobile interactions. With our partner OnePoint Global, we’re capitalizing on this value alongside many others in the customer experience and loyalty world. But more recently we've realized that dedicated mobile surveys aren't enough. All surveys are mobile now, whether we design them to be or not.

May 8, 2013 By: Andrew McInnes

Turning Customer Feedback into Action

in a today’s highly competitive world, companies that don’t’ do anything with customer feedback might as well not bother to gather it in the first place. The challenge (and the reward) lies in quickly analyzing feedback to identify customer insights and share them with the people who can do something about it. Here are some examples from Allegiance customers.

March 19, 2012 By: Chris Cottle